Welcome to Gettouan

The 18 villas with private open-air baths are spread over the expansive
33,000 sq. meter grounds in the hinterlands of Yufu to allow plenty of space

The 7 ideals of Gettouan’s hospitality

Heart, Cuisine, Hot Springs, Accommodations, Views, Travel
We offer hospitality based on 7 ideals

A retreat to enjoy the moonlight
01 Heart
A retreat to enjoy the moonlight

18 luxurious villas with private open-air baths spread over expansive 33,000 sq. meter grounds filled with natural beauty
Experience bliss surrounded by fresh spring greenery, with the sound of the river, birdsong, and the rustling of the trees for background music.
A place where you can let time pass you by and become one with nature amid the pleasant breezes and fresh air.
A place that makes everything brighter.
We named it Gettouan, “a retreat to enjoy the moonlight”

Hospitality from the heart
Hospitality from the heart

We aim to extend guests a wholehearted welcome.
Instead of simply offering service, we want to make your trip and time at Gettouan special through heartfelt hospitality. We offer all guests wholehearted hospitality.

Heightened sensation

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02 Cuisine

Meals that please the eye, stimulate
the senses, and delight the taste buds
Creative rustic cuisine

Pleasing to the eye, stimulating to the senses, and delightful to the taste buds.
Each dish is served up still warm from the kitchen.
Savor our carefully prepared, satisfying kaiseki cuisine.

03 HotSprings

Experience Yufuin’s forests and
breezes from head to toe in open-air baths

The public bath has separate baths for men and women, both indoors and outdoors, with Mt. Yufu soaring above, and a view of the starry skies at night.
All 18 villas have open-air baths, enabling guests to soak in the abundant hot spring waters as much as they like, any time they like.

We welcome you with wholehearted sincerity.

04 Accommodations

Main Building

Our villas let you experience
Japan’s distinctive four seasons

An ambiance of refined simplicity
Enjoy hospitality and décor which emphasize experiencing the seasons in their natural state.
Gettouan’s villas are designed to allow guests to experience each of Japan’s four distinctive seasons.
Experience the elegance of Japanese architecture amid shadow and natural beauty

05 Accommodations

Annex Deluxe Villas

The tea house theme evokes a sense
of both freshness and nostalgia

Deluxe villas themed on tea houses of the good old days
The ending “in” of Yukufuin means temple, and fittingly for the sense of seclusion and exclusivity it implies, we offer special spaces for guests to spend their as they wish.

The beautiful scenery of Yufu


Fabulous views looking out
on Mt. Yufu

Fabulous views looking out on Mt. Yufu

Spend a relaxing time in Yufuin with its expanse of rich natural beauty and Mt. Yufu.

07 Travel

The journey to Yufuin

Yufuin’s mountains stand apart
from the hustle and bustle of the city

Enjoy Yufuin’s scenery on your way to the hotel.